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Our Mission Statement

”Our aim at Royles Brook Primary School is to allow all of our children to attain high standards of individual achievement in a happy, friendly and secure environment.”

Useful Websites for Children & Parents

In this technological age we are mindful of the need to ensure our children are able to access the internet in a safe environment. Our school has internet access through the local education authority intranet and we ensure they are unable to access unsuitable websites. We do not advocate the use of social networking sites such as facebook, youtube, bebo or twitter and we ask that you do not allow your children to access these sites at home. Primary school children are not of an age to access these sites and are therefore infringing the rules of those sites if parents and carers allow them to do so. We would ask your co operation in ensuring the safety of our children when using the internet.

Here are some websites you may find useful:
Lots of interesting activities for to help children develop their literacy skills
Lots of useful information and revision work for children in Year 6
BBC Learning Zone
LGfL Literary Activities & Resources
 In line with our policy regarding the use of Internet in school, the following are a number of links to useful resources designed to help keep your children safe when using the Internet and other media.Thinkuknow – Website created to help parents understand the technology that children are using today (no technical knowledge required!)

Chatsafety – Highlights the potential dangers online


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