Royles Brook Primary School


Our Mission Statement

”Our aim at Royles Brook Primary School is to allow all of our children to attain high standards of individual achievement in a happy, friendly and secure environment.”

Sun Safety Policy

Royles  Brook  Primary  School    recognises that changes    in   the    school   environment and  the introduction of a sun safety policy can help pupils reduce their lifetime sun exposure and potential risk for skin  cancer.

Royles Brook Primary School aims to adopt  sun safe habits  such as  avoiding excessive sun  exposure during  peak hours, using shade and wearing cover up clothing.

Royles Brook  Primary School will continue   to encourage sun hats in school colours
as part of the school uniform.

• To encourage parents to provide pupils with their own suncream for use on sunny days
• Encourage parents to provide a sunscreen of SPFof 15 or greater
• Allow time during school for the application of     sunscreen, by the children
• Encourage parents to  ensure that  their  children  have appropriate cover up clothing such as hats and T shirts
• Add the  use of sunscreen reminders to permission slips for outdoor trips and events
• Each year  incorporate  age appropriate  sun safety  messages PHSE lessons
• Send information on sun safety in school newsletters home to parents
• Encourage children  to   use  shaded  areas.  Provide  shade  in  the playground.
• Encourage pupils without cover up clothing to stay in the shade
• Build sun safe partnerships with parents staff and the community
• Encourage staff and pupils to be role models for younger pupils


• Parents are asked to support and encourage  the schools sun safe policy
• To  apply  appropriate  SPF of  15  or  greater  sunscreen prior  to attending school
• To provide appropriate sunscreen for their child to use themselves before playtimes and school trips
• Parents are asked to set good examples by adopting safe sun habits

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